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Posted by GabeMondragon - August 3rd, 2020

iu_151272_6930308.jpgSo I had an interesting morning. As I'm waking up, these women visit me in my waking dreams, and try to seduce me. I've given up porn and fapping but there's still girls on Instagram that post sexually provocative pictures and videos. So first it's a girl from the internet, but then she's replaced by this gorgeous and very attractive woman I met at church yesterday. I like to think this is an astro projection, like they're also thinking about me in the same manner. But I refuse to give into the urges, get out of bed and go about my day. There's some blm graffiti a few blocks away from where I live, so I grab my can of spray paint and go cross out the letters "blm". This is out of the way of my normal morning route, costing me about 10 extra minutes. So as I'm returning home, I see a black guy in a white t-shirt and sagging pants running as fast as he can out of a driveway of a house, like he just robbed it. I should've pulled out my phone but I'm still not fully awake, plus I'm in motion bicycling. He jumps in his car he left running and drove off fast. So I go up to the house, and they have a large dog in the front yard, and a Trump 2020 sign in their front window. I befriended the dog, which let me in the yard, and told them what I saw. Because he had nothing in his hands as he was running I assumed he hadn't gotten anything. The dog must've scared him off, or he was scared the barking would alert the homeowners to his presence. Also willing to bet he targeted that house because of their Trump sign. The people who lived there were Native American/Mexican dark brown "people of color." I'm seeing all of these seemingly unrelated events as connected. Had I given into my lust, and had I not delayed my routine to stand against degeneracy, I never would've seen the jogger. (Photo unrelated, an old picture of art I was working on that got destroyed in a brain injury episode by rain, as my mind couldn't function enough to keep it dry)