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Art and mental conditions

Posted by GabeMondragon - May 26th, 2020

Tried drawing just now. Mind was sludge, refused to work. Refused to di what I told it to do. Drawing was three year old skill level. I don't know what's going on with my head, I wish I did. Or I wish family, society and government didn't suck so horribly bad that someone would help me to fix whatevers wrong with my head. Drinking an energy drink now. I don't want to do the caffeine, I want to function without it, but I've already spent so many hours mentally dysfunctional, only capable of lying in bed, doing nothing more than games and apps on my phone. So I drank the energy drink. Doesn't seem to be completely propelling me through the barrier, but I am drawing again. This time simple creases in fabric. Suggestions of lines with light shading.


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Maybe you are Over-exerting yourself.Or maybe you are doing one thing for too long and it´s burning you out.

Maybe. I'm definitely going to take it easier

You need to sleep about 8 hours each day at least for a week and do soft physical exercises. It will works better than boomer's energy drinks.

I've got schizoaffective disorder and a brain injury. Caffeine is anti-inflammatory so it gets rid of my headaches, 2-300 mg of caffeine in boomer piss energy drinks. For the past few weeks I was doing daily exercise and sleeping well. Somehow doing the art interferes with that progress. Or maybe the mental conditions interfered and the art is just a byproduct?

I got brain damage too, it is sux a lot, but anyway healthy style of life can save what is not lost.
In medical purposes coffeine - yeah, good thing. Your organism will take about 8-10 hours to destroy coffeine inside, so I hope you drink it in the morning.
Yeah, arts is actuall byproduct of your inner mental conditions and feelings.
Actually for me it works well. Doing sexy arts - a bit horny, doing rumble/battle scenes - agression, fine arts - feel fine too.